Eat Fresh

The Story

Becoming a stepmom has sent me on a food journey I never would have imagined! I thought I ate healthy enough, but boy, I’ve learned otherwise! Discovering the very tangible impact artificial chemicals have on my stepkids has made me even more committed to eating real food that is as fresh as possible.

We’ve eliminated most commercially processed foods and are eating more organic. When I realized that genetically modified foods (90% of all soy and corn is now a GMO!) meant that I was ingesting the DNA of the chemical Round-Up (or something similar), I decided I needed to get more serious about the food I was buying for my sake and the health of my family.

Eating organic, fresh and local has also lead to discovering the joys of gardening and the satisfaction of feeding my family right from my backyard. So, in my enthusiasm for the food we are eating, I offer you this t-shirt to celebrate REAL FOOD! Enjoy!

Available Styles

All Styles & Sizes $30 each

Women’s: Women’s shirts are a hemp & organic cotton blend, fitted shape with wide collar & short sleeves.

Men’s: Men’s shirts are a classic straight cut & t-shirt neck. Hemp & organic cotton blend.

What Size?: Don’t forget to check for the correct size! 

About The Threads

Women’s & Men’s: The women’s and men’s shirts are a hemp and organic cotton blend. The hemp fibers give it durability and the organic cotton gives it softness. Once you take the chemicals out of the cotton growing process, the cotton fibers get happy and soft! Plus, hemp gets softer as it gets washed, getting more and more comfortable each time. So, when this becomes your favorite shirt, it’ll have the stamina (thanks to the hemp and a stitched design) to last through all the wear and washings you’ll give it. As for shrinkage, even under extremes, washing and drying in hot (which of course is not recommended but we wanted to test it), there is little shrinkage.

Shirt Colors: Purple & Earth Green
Stitching Colors: Gold on Purple; Yellow on Earth Green

Customize the Shirt: If you’d like to have the name of your favorite local farm stitched on the shirt front or back, we can do that too ($5 extra). This can also be a fun way to raise funds for your farm. Call us directly to place your special order or talk about fundraising opportunities. 860-413-9041