Powered By Kale

The Story

The newest design, Powered by Kale, emerged from a workshop I took from nutritionist Joan Palmer where she turned me on to kale smoothies. Back then, I had no idea that kale would become a key step in improving my energy, patience, sense of calm and health. Before switching to a kale smoothie for breakfast, I was a poster child for boxed cereals and considered myself to be in pretty good health. Did I have a lot to learn!

What amazed me was that after a few months of this new breakfast, I suddenly realized I no longer craved that nap on the weekends. And more importantly, I no longer felt a low-level but constant sense of anxiety that I had always chalked up to the challenges of self-employment. Turns out it wasn’t the self-employment, it was the food I was eating!

Here’s the basic recipe that has been a life-changer for me:
Large leaf of fresh kale
1/2 C of frozen blueberries
4-6 frozen strawberries
Add enough rice milk or water to blend. Drink. Create variations. I discovered that collard greens (also incredibly rich in nutrients) have a slightly milder taste. I dove in with a full serving of kale (3-4 leaves), but I could’ve started with only half a leaf to ease my way in. The other great discovery was that as my body realized how good this breakfast felt, my taste buds appreciated the smoothie and now it’s the boxed cereals that taste dull.

Available Styles

All Styles & Sizes $30 each

Women’s: Women’s shirts are a hemp & organic cotton blend, fitted shape with wide collar & short sleeves. The XXS shirts are great for those petite women or for young girls who can wear the shirt long over tights.

Men’s: Men’s shirts are a classic straight cut & t-shirt neck. Hemp & organic cotton blend.

Kid’s: Kid’s shirts are a classic straight cut and t-shirt neck. Bamboo & organic cotton blend.

What Size?: Don’t forget to check for the correct size! 

About The Threads

Women’s & Men’s: The women’s and men’s shirts are a hemp and organic cotton blend. The hemp fibers give it durability and the organic cotton gives it softness. Once you take the chemicals out of the cotton growing process, the cotton fibers get happy and soft! Plus, hemp gets softer as it gets washed, getting more and more comfortable each time. So, when this becomes your favorite shirt, it’ll have the stamina (thanks to the hemp and a stitched design) to last through all the wear and washings you’ll give it. As for shrinkage, even under extremes, washing and drying in hot (which of course is not recommended but we wanted to test it), there is little shrinkage.

Kid’s & Longsleeve: The kid’s and long sleeve shirts are a bamboo and organic cotton blend. The bamboo gives the shirt a luxuriously soft feel that’ll have you wearing the shirt all the time. There was more shrinkage with the bamboo shirts when washed and dried in hot. The shrinkage mostly occurred in the length.

Shirt Color: Charcoal Gray
Stitching Color: Bright Lime Green