Whoever Smiles

The Story

This is where the Fun Organic Shirts journey all started! As a calligrapher, I love words and of course, bringing those words to life with fun or beautiful letters. So when I saw the phrase “whoever smiles first wins”, I made plans to get that stitched on shirts for my stepchildren.

But my husband slipped the news to the kids while they were driving home. They eagerly ran into the house, found me, smiled big grins and excitedly announced, “I win!” I knew I had found something wonderful and yet they didn’t need one more competitive thing in their life! Thankfully, my husband spoiled the surprised and as a result the whole family participated in the creative process!

So I took out the competitive edge and whittled the phrase down to “Whoever Smiles Wins”. Hoping it will remind us that even a smile generated by another smile is just as wonderful!

Available Styles

All Styles & Sizes $30 each

Women’s: Women’s shirts are a hemp & organic cotton blend, fitted shape with wide collar & short sleeves. The XS to XXL shirts are a slightly shorter cut than the Eat Fresh & Powered by Kale shirts (about one to two inches shorter depending on the size). The Whoever Smiles Wins shirts fall mid hip. The XXS shirts are a long cut–great for those petite women or for young girls who can wear the shirt long over tights.

Men’s: Men’s shirts are a classic straight cut & t-shirt neck. Hemp & organic cotton blend.

Kid’s: Kid’s shirts are a classic straight cut & t-shirt neck. Bamboo & organic cotton blend.

Long Sleeve: Long sleeve shirts are a straight cut in men’s sizing. Women find the shirt very flattering if they drop down one size from their normal. For example a woman who wears a medium would fit in a small. The sleeves will be long for women.

What Size?: Don’t forget to check for the correct size!

About The Threads

Women’s & Men’s: The women’s and men’s shirts are a hemp and organic cotton blend. The hemp fibers give it durability and the organic cotton gives it softness. Once you take the chemicals out of the cotton growing process, the cotton fibers get happy and soft! Plus, hemp gets softer as it gets washed, getting more and more comfortable each time. So, when this becomes your favorite shirt, it’ll have the stamina (thanks to the hemp and a stitched design) to last through all the wear and washings you’ll give it. As for shrinkage, even under extremes, washing and drying in hot (which of course is not recommended but we wanted to test it), there is little shrinkage.

Kid’s & Longsleeve: The kid’s and long sleeve shirts are a bamboo and organic cotton blend. The bamboo gives the shirt a luxuriously soft feel that’ll have you wearing the shirt all the time. There was more shrinkage with the bamboo shirts when washed and dried in hot. The shrinkage mostly occurred in the length.

Shirt Color: Chocolate Brown
Stitching Color: Light Green